In my kennel, you can get a kitten
for show and breeding, and for the home as a pet.
Kittens are ready to leave home at the age not earlier than 12 weeks, accustomed to the tray, scratching post, vaccinated by age. Since you get a kitten or a metric rodslovnuyu (by arrangement), confirming the origin of a kitten and an international veterinary certificate with marks of vaccination and deworming produced.
Prior to that, you can reserve a kitten.

Kittens have a potential show-class expertise to sale.
  In the future, the sale or donation of the animal must be necessarily consistent with the breeder!
If the kitten class is changed to a lower down payment refunded in full or you will be offered another kitten claimed quality,
or discuss other options as agreed.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten without explanation with the return of the advance in full.

  • Reserve - a kitten bail
  • Under the supervision of the nursery - the kitten is reserved until a certain time nursery (possible further sale)
  • For Sale - kitten is free for reservations

Date of birth of the litter July 19, 2012.

G.I.Ch. Kindlycat's Jozephyna
of Yaskrava Zirka

Ch.W. Marmorensy's Unchano Fix
of Yaskrava Zirka

Yaskrava Zirka Courage
Breed: SFL71
Gender : male
Color:  ns 22 03

Yaskrava Zirka Coco Chanel

Breed: SFL
Sex: female
Color: blue tortie harlequin  g 02

Yaskrava Zirka Chloe
Breed: SFL 71
Sex: female
Color: black silver turtle tabby harlequin fs 21 02

Yaskrava Zirka Carina
Breed: Scottish Shorthair SFS71
Sex: female
Color: black silver turtle tabby bicolor  fs 21 03