In the basement, among junk and cardboard boxes, the small gray cat kitten born.
Tychas helplessly in furry coats, lightly sucked it happily Murka.
And the cat to the little son clinging sideways, stroking his rough tongue.
Song he sang softly, and all kissed him, and kissed ...
And where people laughed and cried, and somewhere from the terrible firing guns
land policy was divided into parts, and someone dreaming of wealth and power ...
And only in the basement, under the old board was dominated by harmony, peace and quiet ...


Boris Zakhoder


Do not pull the cat's tail and hit him on puzu wet towel.

Live on land
Creatures beauty.
I think
Did you know
What is it - cats.
(Yes, cats -
A good word, a scientific word,
But you,
The reader,
Forget the word
And remember only the word CATS!)
KINGS graceful -
What gymnastics
Compared with the cat?
Look, for example,
As he licks himself under the tail!
CATS Musical -
Do not believe, of the reader,
Idle talk,
What if
Can not be compared with the angelic choir ...
And yet,
Not afraid of human slander.
They are above the madding crowd.
Believe me,
Like a light unto the darkness of,
We sent over
But he who does not want to
(And you do not want to?)
With cats leave,
He should seriously
(Yes, seriously!)
With cats to be considered.
Science has discovered:
Nature can not tolerate a vacuum.
Especially -
The best part of this very nature -
Hold on a starvation diet?
So to deal with people ...
But if you keep the cats,
Then feed
And feed,
And the food!
Cats in our house
Peace and comfort to create -
But the CATS
Also love the peace and quiet!
And if, say,
Suddenly you want
Hit the tom-tom,
At first thought,
Is it nice to cats!
And most importantly -
Do not Even Try
Apply to cats "on you"
As anyone
The smallest cat -
This is also MALES!
I advise you not to forget,
That cats -
Doubtless relatives Tigers
And remember people's wisdom
(I brought her in the epigraph).
It remains to add
That those
Who does not want
Seriously reckon with cats
And rightly so!)
Ckotami believe!


Crying cat at the window.
And why or why not?
I do not understand this cat,
And myself, I do not understand.
Let's sit down together at the window,
Bend back zamurchim,
Laugh at passersby
The dog poshipim.
Time heals and cripples,
The cat does not care.
Nine lives to spend more easily
If you know of anyone ...

        Sasha Black
   About the cat

Before anyone woke up cat
Raised red tail pillar
Stuck out his back hump
And in all the cat's mouth
As yawn!
"Moore! Wash would not sin ..."
Instead of soap - tongue,
Cat curled up on the flank
And let's lick their fur!
Just laugh!
A washing up in the kitchen sniff;
Say "hello" broom
And fumbled on the table:
Where yesterday's bold signal?
Would eat in a moment!
Seen enough so the yard -
Hissed at turkey
Flew along the attic
And the gap in the rubbish dump -
On the fence! ..
The house stood, the cat to the window:
"Moore! Six crows on a branch!"
Tail thrashed, claws out,
Watching our cat in height -
A pine tree.
Escaped with his mouth open ...
Only in the evening home
All in Scratchy, evil, lame.
Long sharpens claws cat
On the dresser ...

Mom! I probably scottish-fold.
Well, or at least a scottish-straight.
I have the soup,
What I'm afraid of flies.
Mom, I think I was scottish-straight!
Mom! I'm probably the Maine Coon.
Small, but still the Maine Coon.
What I did not come out the growth -
As a child just ate a little.
Mom! I'm probably the Maine Coon!

Mom, I probably British.
No, why would not the British?
Said Aunt Nadia -
Cheeks already seen from behind.
Mom, I'm probably the British!

Mom! I must have classic-pers.
Mom, I want to be a classic-pers!
You are my striped profile
Make a flat in Photoshop -
Will be a real classic-pers!

Mom, I think I was bald sphinx.
There, Canadian or Peterbald.
What wool three fingers -
So cold was minus twenty!
Mom, I think I was Peterbald!
Mom! I probably manul.
Just ... - I probably manul!
Remember ficus, two service that
Vases, curtains and curtain rods? ..
Mom! I probably manul.
Mom, I need a passport to get.
Mom, write everything as it is.
As in the country, I froze,
As I picked you.
Mom, write it as it is.


Cat - a very large microbe
The cat, of course, the house is harmful -
The cat jumps down from the cupboard at night hard, "flakes"
Cat eats all the time Darnitskiy bread.

The cat, of course, it is - the whole house in the wool
Cat, no doubt, will arrange caterwaul.
Cat of hours you will wake up to six,
Cat asks for food, not to die.
Cat show you "get off"
Cat decimate generously potted plants,
Cat sometimes comes on a blanket to sleep,
Cat spit that under the covers - you.

Cats are fed tractor, starts singing,
Cat claws - the legs to hold!
Happy cat: Cat's flock - here
Cat falls more comfortable and stops purring.

Cat, mad, running around on the claws
The cat, of course, part of the broom to vomit
Cat - it is certainly narkomanyak:
No valerian? "Comet" could come down!

The cat, of course, particularly large microbe!
Cat in the morning looking for coal and oil in trays
The cat, of course, owners will drive into the coffin,
Only without the cat did not get along)))

      Catherine Agafonova

   Cat's Paradise
   (Devoted to the dead cat)

I thought - I'm running field
On not chuyuschih grass legs ...
I do not remember any pain,
Death was - one big smell.

I remember the sky - Ancient Ivory diverse.
Shook himself, and went, as the card.
Not as earnest as I - Wild
To see that there is on the pavement.

And then the smell of honey and mint
I flew into the grass on the ears
He decided that in the new life (ninth)
I will be the same, and who was, only better.

There was a kitten in the tale did not believe
And then remember how all forget -
There is always wide open door,
This place is called Paradise.

Feline paradise, until the last outskirts
Grace to those who settled here.
But painfully kills the host -
I almost immediately back to be born.

All limp from surging boredom
Walked the Paradise in search of home
And buried in someone's warm hands,
Hands smelled strangely familiar.

Do not remember the face and painting -
Hidden face in the collar dress.
There was peace and quiet tenderness,
And then we met the brothers.

It was the sun (just not in the box)
Golden, like a fish on a platter.
And we were here - Common cat
And we, of course - the general people.

We casually with older cats
Came out in a circle - measure their strength,
Me and purring cat is gentle,
Because I'm big and beautiful.

It is always warm, and clean and dry,
There is no rain or snow storm.
I once broke up, then Gray's ear -
Healed, and regret not yet.

Grey is cool, he podoh, seen in a fight.
Grays - exactly my brother ...
At night he dreams about all the dogs
He growls at them in his sleep, but not much.

I also dream, I flee Field.
Every blade of grass - carved ...
Maybe everyone chooses Volen?
I'm just a cat, I - I do not know.

                                    Natalia Polyanskaya


One day, a warm spring morning, the Lord woke up too early.
He got up, shook himself, took sides, he drank the nectar from the tap,
Then washed (yes, nectar) and looked out the window a bit.
Then he sighed and went to work today to come up with a cat.

Yesterday was a hare. Great rabbit! Here is this rabbit he was pleased:
These ears, a priest, and nose - smiling involuntarily.
And the last time was, of course, the hedgehog. Where do without hedgehogs in this world.
But the cat - is at times difficult. Not just a beast, and the poet's dream.

It should be fluffy, soft, with claws (claws it useful)
It should work on the floor urchalkoy up a lie.
Where there pigs and porcupines, foxes and where capybaras!
The cat should be the spirit of victory and nine lives - almost nothing.

God pasted long tails and paws, swore, tugged, whistled and regulations
Stuck a comb, then unstick, glued his ears, and so left it,
Povtykival mustache, spleen, heart Well there is, of course, the liver,
Strip into the skin, then urchalnik - that cat owner provided
Excellent Moore. Then enormous eyes, rough language, and the nose is better,
And it is the latter, incredibly gently and carefully pasted it soul.

It was endless. Why, all the souls, in general, are endless.
Places - firm, places - soft, and very little - human,
To a man, when he looks into the eyes of a cat - the fall, the mystery! -
Left feeling it with a cat together, and together, in general, is not accidental.

Descended evening. Moon looked out the window tiger sparkling eyes.
In a cup of green tea leaves were asleep, huddled near the cooled tea.
God was sleeping, covered with colorful blanket. In the dryh stork, under the chair - a hare.
At hand of God and the world lay a cat purring, not blinking.

           Andrew Resurrection


Each cat will die one day,
In the abyss of having rolled up in a ball from the basket;
Let the nine lives they each -
Death is not even a cat.

Each cat will die alone:
At night there, the day, whatever the weather
All the stitches-track meet in a point;
Kotyatsya soon and just go.

Each cat will die in their own way:
Someone - a blind and helpless crumbs
Hlebnet and plenty of water, and choking anguish
After making his last breaths.

Each cat will die, as usual;
Someone tired of playful springs -
Eternally drunken April insomnia -
Asphalt not give crazy wheels.

Each cat will die, as usual:
Someone - the games, someone - for fighting,
Someone - Caught off guard game,
Persecuted to death by angry dogs.

Each cat will die - who's talking!
Someone - for a moment, someone - tihoyu sap,
Someone - torn from the balcony railings
And not being able to land on their feet.

Each cat will die at the time;
Someone, anticipating eternity cold
As getting rid of the burden of age
Take final with pain shot.

Every cat dies, as inscribed;
That in those tablets - whether Latin, Cyrillic?
And for feline soul's true - all the same:
Late halloo to one another - I do not respond!

Every day - only once,
Not little by little and not for fun -
Irrevocably and forever -
Since each cat dies.


Mommy, how many are you in red!,
How much of the sun in your hair!
Mom, Mom - you can, I will survive,
Mom, do not tell me tales of death ...

Mom, how many are you in the sun!
Mom! What's your side warm -
Mom, yes, I am sick ... a little bit,
But do not you cry, I get better, that you ...

Mom, look, I'm a redhead,
I do not like a cat, and a maple leaf -
Mom, do you think that I - survived -
Mom, you think that I - at home ...

Mom, do you think - me and my brother
Under sunny side Murch together ...
Sorry that I have no way back -
Where my mother sings a song ...

Should be there, and I was a redhead
Wow - the name was wood ...
People do not cry, I did not survive -
We're going back. This is known ...

We are going back ... leaves .. Shower ...
Wind glass lake wrinkles ...
People .. like domestic cats ...
And the homeless ... love too ...

The house became quiet mouse silence clings to your hands ...
The cat is on the roof, as if on clouds.
Relish the soul yawns with cat so well,
Gold-streaked hair crème silk ...

In the church and in the garbage, from brushes and to the tail
The cat always calm, always clean cat ...
Maybe breaking yawn, jump, reach the stars!
And look - only: paws, whiskers but the tail ...

Paws silently putting the tail lifting pipe
Intently, without blinking, look ahead,
Saying: "Falling in love with such a! Fear of a weakly eh?
I cheek with the palm hearts shoot pain ...

Have patience a little bit, the beast in all its glory.
Still, I'm - Cat, I'm not ... I like all
I do not need a cover ... Only kind words ...
Cat after all - it is a cat, cat always right.

The life of God vylakaem palms to the bottom!
Who said cats much? Cat - she is one ... "
Every soul hearing, hiding in his mustache,
Cat sitting on the roof like in heaven ...
In the joke, fun, (to hell with any excuse!)
Do not hurt the Cat! ... Say thank you God ...