Lesley Anne Ivory (Lesley Anne Ivory) was born in Bedfordshire, UK.
After studying textile design and printing for several years she worked as a teacher of art. Her first works were printed on business cards charity Oxfam. Then slowly, her images of wildlife, but especially cats, have started to appear on the cards of different rank. Her prints with images of wild forests exhibited at the Royal Academy and its successful shows in Chris Beetles Gallery held for nearly 15 years. Lesley Anne Ivory (Lesley Anne Ivory) has become one of the favorite artists of wildlife in Britain. Her cat paintings became phenomenally popular around the world. Painted Cats artist decorated not only a business card, but also calendars, gift stationery, various ceramic products, clocks, picture frames, and you can also be seen in the books. Leslie has illustrated more than 40 children's books, has published a number of books with their works.
For example, it is a wonderful book "Cats know better» (Cats Know Best) tells us that cats know better where to spend a winter evening (of course near the warmth of the fireplace), where to find fresh milk or mice poupitannee how to take care of kittens and more. A miniature book "Glorious Cats» (Glorious Cats) for its first two editions sold over 25,000 copies. In the book "Meet my cats» (Meet My Cats) Leslie Anne Ivory is his 12 dogs and cats that are playing, purring and posing for portraits. Each picture of a cat in the book "Perfect small cats» (Perfect little cats) are accompanied by a quote from a poem or prose of famous poets and writers (ranging from the poetry of Baudelaire's prose ending Tennessee Williams). And many of her other books with a fluffy, bright, colorful pictures of these wonderful animals. (Cats and Carols, The Birthday Cat, Christmas Cats, Star cats: a feline zodiac, Cats in the Sun, etc.) Also, it has created a limited edition artwork of wildlife for the World Wildlife Fund (World Wildlife Fund). Leslie uses mostly watercolor and gouache. In her work heavily influenced by her love for Indian and Persian tapestries, as well as to the ancient mosaics and frescoes. Hallmark of her style is realistic images of cats on the backgrounds, consisting of many parts, and patterns.

Paul Lung,
artist from Hong Kong, began to paint in 2004, having studied a lot of literature and Internet forums dedicated to realistic pencil drawing.
Its main muse - 4 cats living in his house, he photographs them and then makes drawings with these photos.

Love for these furry little animals and playful display and comes alive on paper, the author, picking up a pencil and carefully draws cute little faces seals. Yes, yes, a pencil artist creates his works of art. In this really hard to believe, so alive seem drawn cats.

Author's work is so realistic display of cats, that looking at the pictures, you can even judge the character and mood of each of the animals.

In his works, which can rightly be called masterpieces, Paul Lung tried to convey the beauty and grace of cats. They amaze the audience with their realism and excellent technique, leaving nobody indifferent.

For each figure takes 40-60 hours. Despite the fact that his work is frequently exhibited in galleries around the world, he does not sell them. This pencil drawings. It uses 0.5 mm pencil and whatman A2. It does not use an eraser, and in one picture, he spends 60 hours ....

Animals in the chart - it is not bright, and therefore can not attract attention. That thought may be many. But do not jump to conclusions. It turns out, drawing in pencil, if it belongs to the masterly master hand, can give a head start not only to work performed in other techniques, but even photos!

And even if someone has not liked cats, viewing pictures, he certainly woke up feeling incredibly attractive to pets.
But besides cats, he is interested in many other things. Bears, lions, cats, and other "models" of the artist look like it's not a drawing, and black-and-white photo. And the images of some animals and birds with unique graphics Lunga brought to such perfection, that there is a sense of real presence. And this is what brings back to his work again and again.
You look at these pictures and places simply do not believe that it is painted. It's like some sort of otfotoshopennaya picture. Though in reality they are the real figures and the author of these masterpieces artist Paul Lung!