Why can not pick up a kitten before 3 months of age?

Too many people want to take your house definitely a little kitten. Widely believed that the younger the cat, the better and faster it gets used to the new environment is easier to education, firmly attached to the owner, etc. Typically, these are people who are before the eyes of a positive example for friends and relatives, who took the kitten in 1-1.5 months, and he grew up with them safely into an adult cat, not even realizing that it was pure luck.
In fact
, everything is exactly the opposite - Statistics in kittens, early separated from his mother, a high mortality rate and the mass of behavioral problems.

For clarity,
the scheme will bring the standard of kittens:

0 - 10 days

Blind, unable to crawl, kittens receiving a mother's milk supply up to 10-12 times a day.
All this time the mother is not just feeding, but also licks the kittens so they can write and shit, they do so on their own can not yet.

Also, thanks to mother's milk for the kittens keeps the immune system, protects them from disease.
That is why, if disaster struck and the kittens were orphaned early, it is better to find a nurse from the bottle-baby unit to survive.

10 days - 3 weeks

In about ten days in kittens eyes open.

Somewhere from the same time, they gradually learn to rely on the front foot and lift the crown to three weeks of the kittens may have the wrong step to move on all fours and try to get out of the family nest.

Naturally, food is still the only mother's milk, the mother also continues to lick and kittens.

3 weeks - 1.5 months

In 3-4 weeks the kittens begin to emerge from the nest and around the same time, they begin to teach to complementary feeding.

Since the early transfer to lure the mother cat is no longer kittens lick up and they start to crap anywhere. Therefore, the time to accustom kittens house fenced enclosures, is placed inside the tray and bowls, and begins a gradual transition from full feeding breast milk to feed a mixed "milk + solid foods."

For six weeks they reach the age of 50% ± 50%. By this age, kittens are already confidently tray within its enclosure.

1.5 months - 3 months

With the decrease in feed breast milk decreases the immunity and protection, so at this age begin vaccination.
At 1.5 months given anthelmintic, 7-10 days is put first immunization, which provides the primary weak immune system, which is only enough to live up to revaccination in a quiet home environment, but will not hold under stress of moving. Three weeks later, revaccination is done, after which at least one more week, it is desirable to sustain the incubation period.
By the time of revaccination kittens already being run on an apartment, and learn to endure to the tray, which is useful where the owners, not at arm's length, mother suck more for pleasure than for food. All this time she not only feeds, teaches them how many different tricks of the cat, the kitten is formed in nature.

3 months and older

In this age it's a little kitty cat is already formed and the nature of immunity, perfectly orientated in the world and capable of leading an independent life without a mother.

So, wanting to take a kitten younger than 3 months, you are grossly invade the natural development of the kitten and the formation of a good immune and normal, natural reflexes!

The kitten can get viral diseases, can get seriously upset stomach due to lack of proper nutrition.
Not having learned from his mother as a child how to behave, not the past that social adaptation, and grew up into an adult cat and then he suffers from the problematic nature, such as scratches and bites during the game, hunting on their feet, unable to define its place in the hierarchy and trying to "get utterly" ie naughty food, fouls by the tray, pulls its claws on the furniture, but not for scratching. Replace the mother cat can only be a very experienced person, breeder, owner of the ordinary can not do it.

Therefore, the future owner can not rush to buy, you must wait until the kitten will grow - and reward his patience will be easy and trouble-free adaptation to the new kitten home, and in the future for many happy years of marriage.

Source: Nursery Softcat