Kindlycat's Rebeссa of Yaskrava Zirka

Lines Kinross, Caprice Givenchy, Dee Kay, Marxalot, Holyfold, Valafold.

Breed: Scottish Fold SFS
Color: black tortie f
Date of birth: July 26, 2011
Breeder: Persiyanova Inna Russia
Owner: Lily Kotlyar

Parents of Rebecca

Mother: Kindlycat's Nysha

Father: Kindlycat's Saimon
SFS e 22 03


6.Cat show in Kiev, 5-6 May 2012
BEST Opposit Sex Junior first day!

5.Cat show in Dnepropetrovsk 14-15 April 2012
Best Junior - first day of the show!
WCF-Ring Junior - 2nd place!

4.Cat show in Krivoy Rog 7-8 April 2012
Monobreed show Folds - Best Junior!!!
WCF-Ring Junior - 7th place!

3.Cat show
in Dneprodzerzhinsk 3-4 March 2012

WCF-Ring Junior - 3rd place!
Nom BIS both days!

2.Cat show in Kiev,
05-04 February 2012
WCF-Ring Junior - 6th place!
Nom BIS both days!

1.Cat show in Dnipropetrovsk 28-29 January 2012
For the first time at the show!
WCF-Ring Junior - 8th place!
Nom BIS both days!