Welcome to scottish fold & straight cattery "Yaskrava Zirka"! 

I Lilya Kotlyar, am the owner of cattery "Yaskrava Zirka”, located in Dnepropetrovsk and translates to English as "Bright Star." My fascination with cats began in the early 90th with the arrival  of the elegant red marble Persian cat Matvei. In 2010 Ultra Jess Jantar arrived from Moscow cattery”Ultra”, and my infatuation with scottish breed begat. 

My Cattery monobreed but Scottish breed is very diverse,
so in my cattery you can buy:

- Scottish Fold 
- Scottish Straight 
- Highland Fold 
- Highland Straight 

Colors, which I like to work with are all colors with white (bicolour, harlequin, van).

Me and my pets have always participated in exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Israel.

I hope you enjoy my web site and my cats ))) 

With love to you and my pet 

Lily Kotlyar.

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